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Purna Shakti Kendra (PSK) Convergence Model

The model envisages setting up of convergence cum facilitation centers at the district, tehsil / ward and village levels for facilitation outreach and convergence of schemes and programmes. The model provides an interface for citizens to approach the government for availing their entitlements. The pilot is expected to demonstrate the following:

1. The processes which can lead to coordinated and synergistic action on the part of different stake holders while analyzing the gaps in the current delivery mechanism and suggesting suitable corrective measures.

2. Ascertaining of actual efficacy of efforts of different policies and programs through convergence measures in the field.

3. A working model of partnerships between Govt-PRI-CBOs.

4. Lessons for policy recommendations which may be required to remove the access bottlenecks.

5. Appropriate and innovative Strategies for different thematic areas- such as livelihood, health, education, social security and creation of a safe environment for women.

6. The type of training and capacity building which can bring about changes in the  mind sets of the government officials  responsible for actual service delivery.

7. The communication strategy which work on the ground especially to bring a change in critical mind sets, awareness on legal rights, entitlements etc.

8. Serve as action research and feed the learning into the studies/ impact assessment which shall be undertaken across different schemes / programs by the SRCW, NRCW etc.













The convergence at various levels will be achieved through convergence structures comprising of representatives of various stakeholders. At village/ area level, village level convergence forum called ‘Gram Samanvaya Samiti’ need be set up comprising of the grassroots level functionaries, and women’s representatives from the community headed by the Sarpanch or the Pradhan. This Samiti with the help of the village level convergence cum facilitation centre will be responsible for baseline survey, mapping, profiling of women residence of that village / area; the tehsil / ward level center, and matching them with available schemes and services. The attempt would be to ensure that linkage to the entitlements and services are affected at the panchayat level. However, if the matter needs to be scaled up, the same would be referred to the block level, and ultimately the district level. Convergence forums comprising of government officials from different line departments which are partners in the mission, CBO representatives, PRI office bearers shall be set up at the village, block and district level (proposed structure at annexure 1).

The one year pilot shall suitably inform the government about the required strategy to improve the delivery on ground with the woman at the center and the goal being to ensure convergence of schemes/services across different departments to those entitled for the same. The scaling up/further continuation would be based on the appraisal of the efficacy of the model/structures.