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District Convergence and Facilitation Centre (DCFC)

DCFC will serve as a single window for information on government programmes, schemes and services impacting women. The designated information desk within the DCFC will provide the required information to all citizens (women will be given priority) in the concerned district. It will facilitate women in accessing government programmes by assisting in completion of application forms, scrutinizing supporting documents and submission of completed forms to related departments.

DCFC will work with the women centers at block/tehsil and villages to analyze the social, economic and political factors that hinder women’s empowerment after factoring the local context. It will verify the status of various legislations that were enacted to address concerns of women. DCFC will highlight these issues in forums headed by Deputy Commissioner (DC)/CEO Zila parishad, law enforcement agencies, quasi government bodies, women commissions etc. DCFC will utilize opportunities to collaborate with CSOs, think tanks, INGOs, educational/research institutions for bringing women’s issues on larger forums to create larger impact.  It will be the arm of SRCW to translate the mandate of SRCW in the concerned district.

DCFC has to be ideally located at the DC office or CEO,Zila Panchayat, as it will facilitate easier access for women as well as easier coordination with the various line departments.

The responsibilities of DCFC are detailed below:

1. To create information bank/repository on government schemes, programmes and services (details of schemes like the eligibility criteria, documentation requirement, processing time, benefits, facilitating delivery, tracking status of applications etc). The information has to be relevant and upto date.

2. To provide information about schemes, programmes, services and legal rights to women approaching the information desk. (The exclusive Information desk manned by qualified staff needs to be setup in the DCFC.)

3. To assist women approaching the DCFC to apply for government programmes and schemes. In case of women coming from villages where the Village Convergence and Facilitation Centers (VCFC) are operational, initial verification and scrutiny of applications, matching with database from baseline survey, assistance in completion of applications along-with necessary documents etc will be provided. In case of citizens from villages not covered by VCFC, services other than matching with database will be provided.

4. To follow-up and monitor the post-application process with line departments, periodic reporting of status of applications to DCs, Head of Departments, coordinate for rectifying anomalies/mistakes in application forms, assist citizens in redressal mechanisms etc.

5. To identify problems faced by citizens, especially women while applying for various government schemes, document the cases and report to relevant forums including DCs office/PRIs.

6. To organize meetings of District Convergence Forums (DCF) at least once a month, where issues affecting convergence efforts at various levels including inter departmental convergence can be addressed. Other social, economic and political factors affecting women’s empowerment can also be brought to the agenda of DCF.

7. To identify issues affecting women that need to be raised in various district level forums, for exp – issues dealing with thrift and credit could be raised in the District Level Bankers Committee meetings.

8. To prepare a comprehensive plan for the pilot project in the district; the plan will be drawn on the basis of the situational analysis in the field, primary data (base line survey), secondary data etc. The deliverables based on the objectives of the programme, time frame for implementation and local context need to be incorporated in the plan.

9. To assist the Tehsil Convergence and Facilitation Centers (TCFC) and VCFCs in planning and implementation of the pilot project at the Tehsil/Block and Gram Panchayat(GP) level.

10. To be responsible for developing and managing the database of citizens in the villages served by VCFCs. This will involve designing the base line survey formats, training functionaries of TCFCs and VCFCs, planning and operationalizing the survey, monitoring of survey, validation of data, creation of the database in digital format, regular updation and correction of the database.

11. To organize ‘Jan Sunwais’ with participation of representatives of different departments in the district.

12. To implement the capacity building strategy of NMEW, this will involve identifying training needs assessment, facilitating external training agencies and conducting training for TCFC and VCFC functionaries.

13. To implement the IEC/Behavioral Change Communication(BCC) Strategies of the NMEW.

14. To ensure regular review meetings are held at District, Tehsil and Village Levels to ensure effective monitoring of convergence efforts at the grassroot levels.

15. To report the progress of activities to SRCW/NRCW on a regular basis in the specified formats.

16. Any other activity assigned by the SRCW.