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Village Convergence and Facilitation Centre (VCFC)

The VCFC will be the first point of contact for women from programme villages; the centers will provide information regarding government schemes, programmes, laws meant for women and be the forum for addressing women’s issues in the village. The forum should give women an opportunity to discuss the gender dimension of their issues focusing on their education, health, nutritional needs, occupational status, skill levels and legal rights. It is preferable to locate the centers in the GPs or Anganwadi’s buildings to ensure easier access.

The responsibilities of VCFC are given below:

1. To conduct base line survey to collect socio economic details of the households, compare data with existing databases (MGNREGA, BPL etc) and ensure updating of database on a regular basis.

2. To establish mechanism for creating a separate profile for each women in the village, maintain an individual ‘women score card’ and ensure continuous support from various government schemes.

3. To identify government schemes that can benefit the target group, this will involve matching the database of women with the criteria of various schemes and linking women with various schemes and services.

4. To create awareness about government schemes and programmes, generate demand for various services, facilitate access and encourage their optimum utilisation.

5. To undertake resource mapping of the existing services provided by government at village level and make women aware of all the existing services.

6. To organize meetings of the village level committees on regular basis and do the required follow up with the grassroots level functionaries.

7. To implement activities that can build capacities of women, it is essential to include the women’s collectives like Mahila Mandals, SHGs in these efforts.

8. To track the progress in target group by using tools such as local area women development index/community development index/family development index/empowerment index.

9. To identify local women from the community who can be “Credible Models of Change” to nurture, empower and train fellow women. Create forums/ platform to acknowledge and recognize these women.

10. To facilitate community monitoring, social auditing and local environmental audits to be conducted by village women.

11. To ensure regular review meetings are held at village Level to ensure effective monitoring of convergence efforts by the grassroots functionaries.

12. To raise issues affecting women at GP and Gram Sabhas.

13. To report progress of work to the TCFC on a regular basis.

14. Any other activity assigned by the SRCW, DCFC and TCFC.