Completion of recruitment process for PSK under DCFC & BCFC

As per the Mandate of the National Mission for Empowerment of Women (NMEW) in establishing the Poorna Shakti Kendra (PSK) in the District of Kohima, Nagaland, the SRCW has recruited candidates for the following posts,for the District Convergence and Facilitation Centre (DCFC), Block Convergence and Facilitation Centre (BCFC), andVillage Convergence and Facilitation Centres (VCFC) under Chiephobozou Block, Kohima:

  1. District Coordinator (1 Post)
  2. Asst. District Coordinator (1 Post)
  3. Block Coordinator (1 Post)
  4. Assistant Block Coordinator (1 Post)
  5. Data Operators  (3 Posts : 2 under  DCFC &  1 under  BCFC)
  6. Village Coordinators

Once the Poorna Shakti Kendra is officially launched, implementation of the programme will begin according to the NMEW directives. For more information on the PSK, please go to this page: