Our Mission & Objectives

National Mission for Empowerment of Women (NMEW) was launched by the Government of India (GOI) with a view to empower women holistically. One of the key components of the mission is to secure convergence of schemes/ programmes of different ministries, both of the central and state governments.  The NMEW has conceived a new model of delivery i.e. the ‘Convergence Model’ which aims to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of the services related to women by undertaking realistic estimate of the demand, bringing greater awareness about the women based schemes and programmes of the government, augmenting the demand for various services/schemes for women and connecting them with the service providers i.e existing government machinery across different departments/ministries.

Though a guiding design and process has been developed for implementing the pilot project, the design of the pilot has the following elements:

Intensive involvement of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs).

Synergizing the linkages between Governments, Community Based Organization (CBOs), PRIs at different levels so that they complement each other.

Awareness Campaigns involving grassroots level for gender equity and convergence and awareness generation which fuels demand by women as rightful entitlement holders for delivery of services under different schemes/programs meant for them.

Creation of convergence forums and gender focal points.

Building capacities through use of innovative training modules.

Mapping and identification of the target group for different schemes and programmes across sectors with focus on marginalized women.

Setting measurable goals for all departments and ensuring gender equity and convergence vis-à-vis the schemes/services across different departments/sectors.

Coordination between the grassroots level functionaries of different departments like ASHA, Anganwadi workers, VLWs, Sathin (SGSRY) & Siksha Mitra.

Grassroots coordination among women SHGs/ other women collectives under different programs.

Creating common platform at delivery level.

Creating a uniform data bank of beneficiaries of programs and creating a system of single window clearance for delivery of services.

Gender sensitization of different stakeholders.

Scope to experiment and to innovate at the field level.


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